Neuro Surgery Overview | Veterinary Specialty Centre - St. John's NL

Neuro Surgery Overview

Board-certified surgeons are extensively trained in neurosurgical techniques. With advanced diagnostic and surgical facilities, our specialist provides a comprehensive service for pets with acute and chronic spinal cord injuries and/or spinal pain. Our 24-hour emergency service ensures urgent cases are seen on very short notice.

Patients with spinal problems undergo a detailed neurological assessment. While reviewing recommended treatment options with owners, the outlook and aftercare must be considered. Not every spinal case requires surgery and conservative management is considered, if appropriate.

Common conditions treated at VSCNL include ruptured discs in the neck and/or back, and spinal fractures and dislocations and/or fractures. The aim of most surgical procedures is either to alleviate pressure on the nerves in the spinal cord and spinal nerves, or to stabilize affected vertebrae. Occasionally, both procedures are recommended. Other spinal conditions that may be managed with surgery include spinal neoplasia, spinal deformities, instabilities, and cysts.