Oncology Overview | Veterinary Specialty Centre - St. John's NL

Oncology Overview

Our multi-disciplinary team of onsite board-certified specialists and emergency veterinarians, and offsite oncologist specialists, provides comprehensive care to patients with, or suspension of, cancer or cancer-associated diseases. Their experience and skill enable diagnosis and treatment options to many cancers such as:

  • mast cell tumours,
  • soft tissue sarcomas,
  • oral tumours,
  • thoracic tumours (i.e, lung, chest)
  • abdomen tumors (liver, spleen, kidney, intestine)

Prompt investigation and timing of diagnostic results can impact treatment options. Our board-certified specialists offer advanced diagnostics and treatment options. Our emergency veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians provide patients with the intensive monitoring and treatment required 24/7.

At any stage, improving the patient’s quality of life is the overall goal. With precision and skill, our specialists will make a strategic diagnosis and treatment plan tailored to the patient, disease, and owner. Such plans may involve:

  • a minimal invasive procedure to gain access to different structures for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes
  • removal of the cancer with a surgical approach utilizing wide margins
  • decrease of the cancer with a surgical approach to enhance the response to other therapeutic options
  • a palliative care approach which may include surgery and/or therapy.