Things To Keep In Mind When Making Use Of Our Emergency Services

The best experience you could have with our Emergency Department would be to never have to make use of our services! Talk to your primary care veterinarian about preventative health care for your pet to lower the risk of having to visit our emergency department. Accidents do happen, and some things can’t be prevented. We recommend familiarizing yourself with our Terms and Conditions and Client Preparation Guide. Additionally, please keep the following in mind if utilizing our emergency services.

  1. All patients are triaged and seen based on medical needs. Wait times can be lengthy if your pet is stable, but if your pet is experiencing an urgent medical emergency they will be tended to immediately. You may be asked to sign a permission form for “critical care”.This allows the doctor to stabilize your pet prior to speaking with you. As soon as medically possible, the doctor will give you a diagnostic and therapeutic plan and associated costs.
  2. The term Veterinarian-Client-Patient-Relationship (VCPR) is a term in the veterinary field that refers to the relationship formed between a veterinarian and client by examining your pet. A valid VCPR is required in order to dispense medications, or give advice regarding the care of your pet. Please understand that our emergency veterinarians do not have a VCPR with you and your pet unless we have seen your pet, and we cannot have the same VCPR as your primary care veterinarian may have. For this reason, we cannot offer advice over the phone or refill medications prescribed by your primary veterinarian.
  3. Since your pet cannot speak, we need you to do it for them and we need your full attention as we are gathering information from you about your pet’s condition.
  4. We understand it is distressing when your pet is in pain. We take your pet’s discomfort seriously, and to this end a pet who arrives in significant discomfort may be given pain medication immediately upon assessment. However, we must balance the comfort of your pet with the risks of medications, and sometimes it may be unrealistic to expect us to be able to completely remove your pet’s pain.
  5. Quality patient care is our top priority. We would like to keep you up to date on how your pet is doing and offer you a coffee while you wait, but we must put our patients first and foremost. Please understand that if your request is not met with immediate action, it is because a patient needed our attention more urgently.
  6. We do not want you or your pet to have to stay with us any longer than necessary. We aim for timely diagnostics and procedures. However, triage doesn’t end in the waiting room. Often a critically ill patient in the intensive care unit demands immediate attention.
  7. Sometimes we will not be able to meet your expectations if they areinconsistent with current medical guidelines or, despite our best efforts, we failed to provide your pet with the ideal outcome. Our staff genuinely try to do right by every pet they encounter and we strive to give each patient the best care. If you have concerns, please voice them calmly and respectfully. Our team values feedback, and we want to address your concerns and have an opportunity to discuss how you feel about the care your pet received.

If your pet does have a true emergency, VSCNL is the best place for them, and our medical team is here for your pet 24/7.