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Brianne George


Brianne George
Brianne George Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner

Brianne began with us at VSC 4 years ago just as we were opening our rehabilitation facility. Brianne came to us with an educational background as a Rehabilitation Assistant in the human world but also had a great passion for animals and animal rehabilitation specifically. Brianne went on to complete her Canine Rehabilitation Certification within a year of working with us as a Canine Rehabilitation Assistant through the University of Tennessee in 2020, earning her one of the very few titles in this province as a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner. She went on to become the team lead of the Rehabilitation department at VSC and has been helping our canine and feline family members get back on their feet and live their most joyful, playful lives ever since!

Brianne works with pre-surgical and post-surgical patients, orthopedic and soft tissue injuries, neurologic conditions, weight loss patients, and patients looking for general conditioning and maintenance. 

She believes every dog deserves a chance at achieving the best quality of life, for the longest time possible.