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Our team tailors safe diagnostics, treatments, and procedures to each patient's needs.


Our team tailors safe diagnostics, treatments, and procedures to each patient's needs.


All of our Departments accept referrals from licensed veterinarians.

Our specialists and veterinarians recommend the safest diagnostics, treatments, and procedures based upon each patient’s individual needs that will provide the most anticipated long-term, successful outcome.  Like a human hospital, critical cases take priority when we are organizing our patient care.

If you feel your pet requires a referral, you must discuss this first with your primary care veterinarian. It is important to provide your primary care veterinarian with an accurate medical history, your expectations for your pet, and any financial restrictions. This will allow your veterinarian to provide a clear and accurate referral to VSCNL.


A veterinary referral and supporting documentation is required

Our awareness of your veterinarian’s initial work, concerns, questions, and/or recommendations may impact diagnostics/treatment we recommend and costs you incur.


A referral is not a medical record.


It is a way for your primary care veterinarian to document your pet’s relevant history and a brief summary of the problem. We have personally designed various referral forms in relation to the services we provide.


Your veterinarian will select and complete the appropriate referral form. If there are records in your pet’s medical file pertaining to the condition of which your pet is being referred for, your veterinarian will attach these to the referral as supporting documentation in case our specialists or veterinarians wish to review the history of your pet’s condition. Once your veterinarian has completed the referral, they will submit it via our online referral submission system. If your veterinarian determines your pet needs to be seen urgently, they will need to telephone us in order to arrange the appointment for you.

Attending the Referral Appointment

Whoever attends the consultation, it is important they can provide a detailed medical history and have the authority for decision-making. In the event that your pet receives diagnostics and/or treatment on the day of the appointment, signed consent and financial deposits must be provided prior to services conducted.