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Submitting Radiographs

Submitting Radiographs

If emailing images applicable to a referral, please indicate on the referral that images will be transmitted via email. Images must be emailed to

Images should be in DICOM format to ensure quality and visual enhancement is not compromised. Other formats (PDF, JPEG, Bitmap, TIFF, etc.) may impact adequate interpretation.

Each image should include patient name, veterinary practice name, and date of radiograph. If multiple images are included, each must be uniquely identified.

In the body of the email, please include:

  • Clinic name and phone number
  • Patient name
  • Client first and last name
  • VSCNL service to which you are referring (i.e., Diagnostic Imaging, Surgery, Emergency)
  • Date and time the images were acquired
  • Email images to

If you are unable to send DICOM images, we recommend contacting your IT support for assistance. Almost all popular workstations have this functionality and once the setup screen is accessed, sending DICOM images is usually relatively straightforward. The workstation must be able to access the internet. Sometimes firewall modifications are necessary.

Imaging studies being submitted solely for radiographic interpretation must be submitted with a Diagnostic Imaging – Interpretation referral.